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Poster: Purple Gel Date: Sep 30, 2008 11:19am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: February 1982 Southern Cal Run, many highlights, Check Out The Other One from 2/19!!!

Early 1982 was right in the middle of what, to me at least, was the bands last great consistent extended era, 1981 to mid 1983. There are more great shows during this time than any that came after.

This was a real nice 3 show Southern California Run, 2 at Golden Hall and 1 at Pauley Pavillion.

The 19th was an excelent show.

1st set highlights are Bertha, Dire Wolf and a very nice Althea.

2nd set is very nice, pre-drums is well played, albeit a pretty ordinary song list. THE LS/St. is a version everyone should hear with a nice space jam after.
After Drums just takes off with a real nice space Jam into an Other One for the ages!! Phil is having a great time and goes into the earthquake riff numerous times throughout the jam. The Stella is sweet, and to wrap it up they came up with something a little unusual, Women Smart, instead of Around & Around (or as we called it Again and Again) into Johnny B goode.

IMHO, everyone should hear this Other One!!
This version is a 100% upgrade from what was available before. The other sources are tinny and Phil is in the background.

Set 1
Bertha-> Greatest Story Ever Told, Dire Wolf, Little Red Rooster, Brown Eyed Women-> Cassidy, Candyman, El Paso, Althea, Minglewood Blues

2nd Set
Alabama Getaway-> Promised Land, Ship of Fools, Lost Sailor-> Saint Of Circumstance-> Drums-> The Other One-> Stella Blue-> Women Are Smarter-> Johnny B. Goode, E: U.S. Blues

The 20th, as mentioned in a recent SDH post, was also a very solid show.

1st set highlights include a nice Jack Straw and a sweet To Lay Me Down, Let It Grow to wrap it up.

Set 2 starts with the only Franklin's opener that I am aware of, an excellent version with a really smooth transition into Samson.

I always loved a second set Big Railroad, and this one does not dissapoint. The Playin' is one of those long versions that wanders very nicely all over the place, and there is a nice Brent Jam at the end into Drums. After drums is fairly standard songwise but nicely played nonetheless.

Again, this version is a definite improvement over the rest.

1st Set
Jack Straw, They Love Each Other ->C C Rider, Tennessee Jed,
Mama Tried -> Mexicali Blues , To Lay Me Down, Let It Grow

Set 2
Franklin's Tower -> Samson And Delilah, Big Railroad Blues, Playing In The Band ->Brent Solo Jam ->Drums ->Space ->Truckin' ->Black Peter ->
Around And Around ->One More Saturday Night E: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

ALSO...... check out the Pauley show on the 21st.

Very nice 1st set, with a Solid Shakedown with Brent out front during much of the jam, and a rare Bertha > Women Smart to end the set.

The second is where it takes off. Unfortunately the China Cat is missing for some reason, but the Prophet > Eyes is nicely done, albeit a little short, and once again after drums is great. Phil takes off and is right out front. Check out the beginning and end of NFA, he just dominates the Jam with Jerry and Bob in superb supporting roles. The jam at the end of Stella is unique. I haven't heard another Stella where Jerry and Phil traded licks quite like this.

I actually have an aud version somewhere that has the China Cat on it, but it is buried somewhere in a lot of stuff in the attic. If I find it I will try to upload it. Otherwise, I'm sure that there is someone out there with more technical expertise than I who must have a complete version of this show. Please upload it, THANX.

1st Set
Shakedown Street-> Minglewood Blues, Friend Of The Devil-> Me & My Uncle-> Big River, Bird Song-> Little Red Rooster, Bertha-> Women Are Smarter

2nd Set
China Cat Sunflower (missing)-> I Know You Rider-> Estimated Prophet-> Eyes Of The World-> Drums-> Not Fade Away-> Stella Blue-> Sugar Magnolia, E: Brokedown Palace

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Poster: whirlwind dreamer 65-95 Date: Sep 30, 2008 11:10am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: February 1982 Southern Cal Run, many highlights, Check Out The Other One from 2/19!!!

hi there purple gel jus want to thank you for a lot of your recomendations:) in the eary day's here on lma!! peace brother!! e-mail me !!!! thanks again. you too dr. flashback and sheikyourbooty

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Poster: jackstraw86 Date: Sep 30, 2008 1:48pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: February 1982 Southern Cal Run, many highlights, Check Out The Other One from 2/19!!!

Nice call Purple Gel. I had my head pleasantly torn off somewhere during the second set at that Pauley show. I completely agree with you regarding the Dead's last great gasp period, 81 - mid 83. Amazing stuff. I'm currently visiting Berkeley 5.14.83. Amazing Playin' jam.

I love this period!

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Poster: rastamon Date: Sep 30, 2008 1:22pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: February 1982 Southern Cal Run, many highlights, Check Out The Other One from 2/19!!!

thank you, burned and now playing...D3.
I only had 1 blank on hand so I burned from SOC >>> Encore,
threw a 3sec fade-in on SOC. Will Burn the rest soon